Adam Solway

Filmmaker - SAIT Film and Video Production '17 - Bachelor of Communication, 
Mount Royal University


About Adam

My Creative Journey

Oki my name is Adam Solway. I am Blackfoot from Siksika Nation. I am a graduate from the Film and Video Production Program at SAIT Polytechnic, majoring in cinematography, lighting, grip, and sound. I also have a Bachelor of Communication from Mount Royal University, majoring in Broadcast Media Studies. I do freelance video work and develop my own independent short films. My education and work experience is in film production but also extends to the audio/visual and broadcasting industries. Above all, I am a storyteller carving my own path.


Bamboo Shoots E - Portfolio

During Summer '21 I interned at a video production company called Bamboo Shoots in Calgary, AB. This is a list of my work and projects that I was involved in.

Camera Op - Aisinna'kiiks, Living a Creative Life Episode

Living a Creative Life is a web series that Bamboo Shoots produces for Calgary Arts Development. This special episode featured Artists and Elders from a dinner series called Aisinna'kiiks. Being Indigenous myself, I was excited that this episode featured a lot of Indigenous voices, artwork and stories. I was a camera operator for many of the interviews and b-roll. I'm extremely proud of how my camera work blends seamlessly with the rest. Aisinna'kiiks

BTS Camera Op - Jann Arden Canada Day Performance

After demonstrating my skills as a camera operator, I was tasked with shooting behind the scenes for a Canada Day musical performance by Jann Arden. I traveled with a large crew to the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff. It's not everyday where you get to work on top of a mountain! The finished behind the scenes video can be viewed here.

Video Editor - Vermeer Farms Promo

This was a small video editing project that I did for a client. All of the footage was shot previously and my job was to create a short promo video. This was about an amazing story about a family farm. I'm extremely happy how this turned out.

Camera Op & Video Editor - Living a Creative Life Episode 20

For this Living a Creative Life episode, I was the camera operator for the Adora Nwofor, stand-up segments and a video editor for Ebony Gooden's story. I'm proud of how this single episode showcases my camera and editing skills.

2nd AC - Bow Valley College Commercial

Here is a moment that was captured on Bamboo Shoots' Instagram page. This was from the set of a Bow Valley College commercial. I was the second camera assistant and worked with all the gear shown in the post. I'm also shown holding the camera rig with my fellow intern Nathalie!


Videography & Shorts

A collection of freelance and creative work. Including videography, cinematography, editing, and directing.

Adam Solway Demo Reel
What's your Business Succession Plan?
Financial Freedom vs Retirement
Indigenous ironworkers of Local 725
Broken Records
A Night Out
A Night Out Teaser

Broadcast Media Studies Portfolio

Student work from my studies at Mount Royal University.
Includes commercials, PSA's, news stories, talk shows and radio checks.

Revive (Fake) Ad
Taylee Calf Robe Story
Siksika Farm News Story
Trending: CORPSE HUSBAND, Pineapples on pizza, and Geoguessr
DeciphAR News Story
TRENDING: TikTok Dances, Hotdogs and COVID Boy
Humans Of Canada 2
Humans of Canada

Other notable work

The Reality of Education for Indigenous Students

In the fall of 2020, I made a multimedia project about the inequity in education for Indigenous students in Canada. I chose to focus the project in my home community of Siksika Nation. I used a mixture or audio, video, research, interviews, and personal experience to give a well-rounded idea of what Indigenous students have face in order to pursue an education.


Intertribal - CBC Gem

Director of Photography

In 2017, I was the DP for a documentary entitled Intertribal. The story explored the relationship between identity and music through four Indigenous artists in Treaty 7. The documentary was picked up by CBC and is now available to stream on CBC Gem.



Calgary, Alberta

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